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Summer Work & Travel Program

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Introduction of SWT Program: 

Summer Work & Travel USA Program is based on the Smith-Mundt Act approved in 1948 which helps build basic framework for exchange visits. This act was introduced in 1961 and broadened as Fulbright-Hayes Act. Before its promotion in the mainland in China, it has been operated in countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia, attracting approximately 150,000 students from all over the world to enter American enterprises for short-term social practice on their summer vacation. Participants can travel around the United States in their free time, experience the American lifestyle and get to know more about American customs and practices.

The program aims at providing an opportunity to college students all over the world to go to America where they can experience American culture, improve their English, and work together with natives and those from other countries. The whole process of the program is under supervision of the government and covered with medical and accident insurance. Every participant in the program is engaged in social practices in American enterprises as a legal taxpayer, receiving equal payment with native coo-workers. This offers a chance for students to comprehensively improve their capabilities and meanwhile reduce their financial burden.  

History of SWT program 

In 2007, CSCEE firstly introduced in the program to advance the internationalization of Chinese education, cooperating with dozens of renowned universities such like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and Renmin University of China. The first group of students recruited all received visas successfully and carried out social practices in America. In 2008, nearly 1000 students from almost a hundred of universities went to America on this program. In 2009, the amount of unversities with this program reached close to 150 and students to America increased to 1500. In 2010, our partner universities amounted to 200 and the number of students reached 2000. In 2011, we got almost 2000 students in the program from about 300 universities. Over 300 American local enterprises have joined in this program, covering all the 50 states. In 2012, due to the policy adjustment made by the American government, the amount of positions this season dropped a bit, leading to 20% students’ failure to get an internship. The number of students who finally got internship qualification is around 1600. 

Advantages of SWT program  

Compared to other social practices, Summer Work & Travel is more of security and reliability because it is designated by the Department of State of the United States thus it is under more strict supervision, which ensures the safety of participants. Students participating the program can learn from the advanced theory and methodology in American enterprises where they can also improve their oral English and communication skills in the all English environment. Living in a foreign country, far away from their parents, students have to depend on themselves, which helps strengthen their will and confidence. They can exchange values with other students all over the world in their daily work and life while payment during their internship reduces their financial burden to cover daily life in the U.S. Through this program, they will also be able to keep good visa record, which benefits their career or further education in the future. 

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